The music makes the film

This might be the most reductive statement I’ll ever post on this blog, but I think it has a lot of merit. Yesterday Hilary and I had a conversation with our musician uncle about film scores and soundtracks and like he said, the music leads you emotionally. Without the music you would – hopefully – get the point through the actors performance, and recognize feelings of fear, happiness, sadness etc. But with the music, you are lead to that emotional point; drawn to it. Sure you can watch Emma Stone cowering in a corner in the new Spider-Man installment, and think oh shoot, this is suspenseful! But it’s those staccato discordant piano notes that makes you feel the suspense, the fear, and dread her discovery.

Another prime example is Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. This trailer is so effective in hyping up the movie, and a large part of that success, I think, can be contributed to the accompanying music. There’s this huge air of epic-ness to it, don’t you think? You watch this trailer on the edge of your seat desperately anticipating the release of the film (this Friday for all of us in North America btw). Now I’m not foolish enough to propose that it it’s simply the music that makes this film series so incredible. This series is fabulously written and directed, and the acting! I can’t be the only one who’s already chilled by Tom Hardy’s Bane from preview exposure alone. But I dare you to watch this trailer on mute. It’s still visually stimulating and attention grabbing, but without that bone chilling chanting… well it’s just not the same.

Hans Zimmer, we thank you.

~ Julia

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