Sam’s a Nervous Peer

Let me tell you about the day we got our other dog Sam. My mum had been bugging my dad about getting another dog for several weeks and finally broke him down. Sort of. He agreed to go to the Humane Society to look (“I’m only looking!), but if you are even remotely a dog-person, you will end up going home with a dog if you ever visit the Humane Society. And so we did.

Sam had to stay there for a while, though, because he needed to be “fixed” (I mean in the neutering sense, because if they really had fixed him, he would probably pee on the carpets less). Sam is a nervous peer. He pees when he’s excited, scared, or basically any time my brother and his fiancee come to visit. The day my parents went to pick him up was no different.

A lady from the Humane Society brought Sam out into the lobby to hand him over to my parents. Sam was super excited. He also had a cone around his neck to prevent him from licking his stitches. He was also bouncing about, knocking into end tables and other people’s shins and what not because the cone cut off his peripheral vision. He, at one point, was so excited to see my dad (because he ironically loves my father the best), that he twirled in the air, knocking his cone against things, whilst simultaneously peeing. Innocent bystanders, filling out forms in order to take their own new pets home, were caught in the cross-spray. I can’t help but think that that might have changed some of their minds.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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