My Dog Thinks He’s a Mermaid

To finish off Dog Week, I will leave you with a few more anecdotes of my hilarious, but rather dim dog Sam. He’s wonderful in most ways and usually a gem (unless we have company over, in which case he’s ridiculously bonkers with pure unbridled excitement). But Sam also loves water.

It’s really weird, actually, because he hates baths, but he loves running water otherwise. I once turned on the shower to let the water warm up, then left to grab my pajamas, and, when I returned to the bathroom, he had his head in the shower, trying to drink from it.

And then there was the time that we took him to the park when our extended family was over and he literally wallowed in a large mud puddle. Then he up and bolted, sprinting directly at my grandmother, who was, of course, dressed largely in white.

He loves to be outside, despite the weather because he’s usually just chilling in the garage. But my parents usually bring him inside if it’s particularly bad outside. Once, my dad went to get him because Guelph was experiencing a torrential downpour and he found Sam lying in the garden outside, in the pouring rain, attempting to drink the water gushing out of the downspout, which is rather ironic considering that there was water falling all around him.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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