Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Julia and I went to see The Amazing Spider-man last week and amazing it was. Done. End of post.

Just kidding. It had a solid cast (really, who doesn’t love Emma Stone? No one. She is completely lovable). Andrew Garfield did a really good job being awkward and Emma Stone did an even better job being adorable. Even the lizard isn’t campy or stupid and I never found myself dying to walk out of the theater, unlike good old Snow White and the Huntsman.

The story was well written, Stan Lee had the most hilarious cameo in any Marvel movie yet, and it wasn’t overly patriotic like Captain America. We also liked the story line they chose for Peter Parker, of which there are several, because, frankly, Mary-Jane is annoying. Especially while being portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. Emma Stone is a stellar improvement (but again, when is she ever not? Never, because she always is).

The movie score was also rather good. There was a bit of a Psycho-esque feel to some of the discordant piano work which worked very well with the overall feel of the movie.

In general, we found it deeply entertaining and, as far as superhero movies go, not overly cheesy or patriotic, particularly hard to avoid pitfalls of the genre. It also had some rather funny moments due to Spider-man’s classic one-liners. We would give it a 9/10.

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