Tips for adults

Since I am becoming a grown-up we have to be real here. It’s not like flipping a switch. So here is some extremely valuable advice I bestow unto you, so that you too, may benefit from my worldly wisdom. I am so wise. 

1. Set a back-up alarm or buy an extremely trustworthy alarm clock. 
There are only so many times you can pull off the “bed-head” look at work before people start to question if a. if you own a home at all and b. if you have access to running water. Showing up to work on time and showered is typically a good idea. 

2. Being responsible = being aware. 
Last night I was woken up by a terrific thunderstorm: brilliant forks of lightning and thunder that sounded terrifyingly like it was right above my head. I lay awake for a while listening to it, before rolling over and starting to dose off … only to jolt awake realizing that my windows were open and, seeing as I live alone, I needed to close them. No more Mum in her bathrobe tip-toeing down the halls closing the windows. No, now I needed to get my own terry-cloth bathrobe and close my own windows. 

3. Cleaning is actually a good idea.
This will probably come as a shock to all who know and love me, but I don’t like to clean. I know. Nobody saw that coming. But seriously, cleaning is annoying, and boring, BUT it helps keep spiders away, and if you ask me that makes it ALL worth it. 

4. Get a plant, and ask your mum how to look after it.
Plants are great! Grownups have plants. They put them in their houses and ooh and aw over them, for reasons that are unknown, and yet an apartment just doesn’t look quite finished without one. And maybe it’s just me, but it’s nice to have another living thing around. A low maintenance one, but one in general. But just make sure you know how to look after it. My cactus in college went mouldy. I didn’t even know that was possible! I won’t make the same mistakes with my ivy and whatever the other plant I have is (I’m clearly organized about my plant-care). 

5. Go for the things you want in life.
Want a new job? Talk to your manager about how you can make that happen. Sure it’s scary but I promise she won’t take it personally, and she’ll help you get there. Want a new apartment? Look for one. Want to pay off your student loans? Make a plan. Want a new car? Keep dreaming. Want to eat an entire tub of ice cream? I don’t advise it, but that’s allowed. Do what makes you happy, while still allowing you to keep your plants alive. Don’t ever forget about the plants. 

~ Julia

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2 thoughts on “Tips for adults

  1. Tor says:

    I’ve got a neat type of orchid that has been flowering for a couple months now and you only need to water it about once a week and if you do it right, it can last for years and flower twice a year!!! And you know you and I are both plant killers.

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