She’s at it again

Jennifer Lopez should really stop making music videos that are pure comedy gold. I might start taking her more seriously if that was the case.

In this video, J.Lo takes fashion to a whole other level. There’s nothing quite as alluring as bejeweled hammer pants and turtleneck crop tops. She’s mixing a lot of eras here, and unfortunately for her, she’s chosen the early ’90s and the ’80s. And she’s chosen to combine it with a hot pink cape and Lil’ John for reasons unknown.

I think my favourite part of the video is when she starts strutting on the spot in a white leotard and that silver motorcycle jacket. That’s very entertaining because she’s literally strutting simply for the sake of strutting. There’s no point. She isn’t going anywhere. It’s just to make her look cool, which she does not. If anything, rather ironically, the stationary strut makes her look a bit like a tool.

I will admit that the dancing is pretty cool, but that’s probably just because this video appears to be some kind of advertisement for the fourth installment of the Step Up franchise. This movie is about a male and female dancer (probably) falling in love over their street art dance. Let’s be real, folks, this movie did not need to be made. And neither did this music video (or the song).

On the plus side, at least this one didn’t feature her groping her young, dancing boyfriend. That’s a definite improvement.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

P.S. That band/song that Vevo presents before the J.Lo video begins is actually quite good. I recommend a listen.

P.P.S. I hope you enjoyed those random colours and images being flashed across the screen at the end of the music video. That was actually subliminal messaging. You now feel the need to dance, and love, and then dance again. 

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3 thoughts on “She’s at it again

  1. Shirin says:

    I’m surprised you forgot to mention the very odd paint splashing the occurs every 15 seconds…

  2. carehebert76 says:

    Okay but you have to admit, for a 40 something year old, she looks DAMN good. And it is still catchy – I will have to use it in dance class for sure. Sorry Hil – yes the vid is ridonkulous.. but most of them are these days. It’ll still make a good “across the floor” song 😉

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