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Your memory isn’t going, your life is just too busy

I’m pretty sure my memory is actually a sieve. I’m training for a new position at work (yay me!) and that means an epic to-do list, that spans many notebooks and post-its for as far as the eye can see. Continue reading

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Get Ready for Skyfall!

I am ridiculously excited for the new Bond movie, Skyfall, coming out this October. Julia and I once spent the greater part of a year dutifully watching every Bond movie, and yes, that includes the Dalton movies. Let me just say that they all begin to blend together after a while, especially the Moore ones, which were all rather campy and, more often than not, included a shark chase. I swear that happened on more than one occasion. Continue reading

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Force Fields Keep People Apart

I love this song like a hipster loves owl sweaters, which is to say a lot. Why do I love it? Because I think it’s hilarious. And wrong. Continue reading

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Rolling in the Deep

I love Adele just like a lot of people. Ever since I heard “Make you Feel my Love” from 19 I just fell in-completely-love. But I have to wonder, what the heck does “rolling in the deep” mean? Continue reading

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Michael Fassbender’s Smile Alarms Me

Today I’ve actually decided to be somewhat productive. I have outlined a guide of sorts to our rather in depth famous people face references. Yes, that does sound needlessly confusing, but there’s really no good way to explain this. I’ll just jump right in. Continue reading

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My Productivity Has Skyrocketed

You know what I’ve done today? The same as yesterday, which is to say, nothing. What has happened to me? Who knows. Do I actually care that much? Not really. The things that I have done today are as follows: Continue reading

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Not your Nona’s gnocchi

Any time I buy potatoes they tend to sit in my pantry until they start to sprout a bit. I like potatoes but for some reason, I never really cook them by choice. So anytime I make this misguided purchase I also end up making gnocchi. For those of you who don’t know, gnocchi is essentially a potato pasta; kind of like Italian dumplings that you can cover in tomato sauce, or toss with pesto. For those of you who do know, gnocchi is way easier to make than you’ve ever imagined, it’s just a bit time consuming. Set aside a decent chunk of time, and get peeling! Continue reading

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Oh, is it already six o’clock?

I won’t lie. I haven’t written anything at all today and I really can’t be bothered to do so now. But I, as per usual, regret nothing. Because I never regret anything. Every decision I’ve made has been a solid one. Except for that time I fell off the end of my bed trying to shut the door and a trophy I got in grade one for learning how to read hit me in the head…I kind of regret that. Kind of. Continue reading

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Worrisome: Chavril

As I’m sure you’ve read, Chad Kroeger (frontman of Nickelback) and Avril Lavigne are engaged.

Her ring is enormously huge and why does she continue to do her makeup like that? This is not a daytime look.

Continue reading

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Bake with Anna Olson: food to sooth your soul

Whenever I get overtired, run down, or sick, I can’t be held accountable for my tv watching habits. I have hazy memories of sitting slumped on my parents couch with a fever watching the first High School Musical movie and thinking it was a dream of bright colours and positively enchanting. Another time I lay face down with a head cold, and watched a Say Yes to the Dress marathon out the corner of my right eye as my face pressed into the couch pillow. It felt like I watched for hours and I woke up in a puddle of drool. All that cream taffeta and dreams coming true worked as powerful sedatives. Tonight, just feeling really overtired and in need of a good sleep I passed out watching Steven and Chris playfully bicker over the best way to lay out a master bedroom. It was delightful. Then, in the mood for something more soothing, I switched over to Bake with Anna Olson. I don’t want to go on the record as saying that her show will put you to sleep, but I will say that it’s charming. Relaxing. Pretty. Calming. Just delightful. Continue reading

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