Why So Many Scrunchies?

I need to ask why gymnasts seem to be stuck in the ’80s. Why do the women all have scrunchies? I think that needs to be re-evaluated. Where are they even getting all these scrunchies? Also, having worn a scrunchy before (in the ’90s), I can tell you that they do very little to keep your hair in place. It seems counter-intuitive to then  use them as the primary hair holding device for an entire Olympic sport.

I also would like to know why they seem to have such high cut bodysuits. I understand why there’s a need for tight bodysuits. Then it’s easier for the judges to see your form and technique and what have you. But do they really need to see that  much more of your hip to know whether or not your knees were straight and that you landed on your feet? I don’t think so.

I move to have both of these altered for the next summer Olympics. We have four years, I think it can be done. I would like to see regular bodysuits (maybe even a unitard) and regular elastics in everyone’s hair.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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