Five pounds of bologna in a ten pound bag

I’ve discovered my new favorite thing on the Internet: Suri’s Burn Book. It’s a truly hilarious blog, “narrated” by Suri Cruise, wherein she critiques the outfits of other famous children. It’s incredibly sassy and I encourage you to check it out for a giggle.

The major reason, however, that I love this blog is because it introduced me to amazingness that is Harper Seven Beckham and Flynn Bloom. They’re so chubby! They might be two of the most beautiful children on the face of the planet, and are we surprised? They’re the outcomes of David + Victoria Beckham and Orlando Bloom + Meranda Kerr. Not all together that’s not how genetics work. In any case they’re also two of the chubbiest cherubs out there.

Harper Seven Beckham with her incredibly good-looking dad. Look at those chubby legs! (On Harper, David’s are undoubtedly toned and magnificent.)

Harper’s godmother Eva Longoria called her a “chunky monkey” and my own wonderful dad called dearest Flynn ten pounds of bologna in a five pound bag. I join him in his concern over these horizontal stripes.

Introducing Flynn Bloom, the baby with the most beautiful face ever, who is already almost as big as his dad. Nice neon pants Orlando!

The point is, these babies are pinchably adorable and also a little comical. In short, they’ve already achieved what Hilary and I strive for on a daily basis.

~ Julia

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