I Regret Nothing (Except for watching that one episode of Married to Jonas)

You know what I watched last night? Married to Jonas. Was it entertaining? Kind of. Do I regret it? Yes (but keep that on the down-low, because I maintain a strict policy of never regretting anything. Ever). I think the main problem is that they’re not actually that interesting. I mean, really, Kevin is the least exciting of all the Jonases. Joe is interesting only in the sense that his eyebrows have an identity of their own. And Nick, let’s be real, is the only one with talent.

The major issue in this week’s episode was that Kevin doesn’t know how to grocery shop. And then he made a joke about a banana and all hell broke loose. Still not quite sure on that front.

In the end, I gave up and started watching Happy Endings instead. It was much more preferable.

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