Canadian concerts and tiny puppy puppets

Jian Ghomeshi (CBC radio broadcaster, host of Q) is writing a book, Memories of 1982. In so doing, he’s interviewed a lot of really, really awesome Canadian celebs and musicians. Check out the vid below, and watch especially how adorable Dan Mangan is (so precious!) and how hilarious Shad is (gestating. I ask you.). But mostly check out The Arkells intermittently playing throughout. I mean not only are they playing Hall & Oates (reason alone) but Hil and I were fully at that concert! It was AWESOME singing along with the crowd. If you look really closely there’s a guy in the audience with a little dog hand puppet. That’s not us, nor our friend, but it’s pretty hilarious that he brings this tiny puppy puppet to concerts. Hil and I are also in there somewhere … two peach smudges in the crowd. Ahem.

~ Julia

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