Worrisome: Chavril

As I’m sure you’ve read, Chad Kroeger (frontman of Nickelback) and Avril Lavigne are engaged.

Her ring is enormously huge and why does she continue to do her makeup like that? This is not a daytime look.

I think the thing that makes this engagement newsworthy is the fact that nobody even knew that they were dating. I for one still thought Avril was with Brody Jenner (which was a weird match, tbh) and I tend not to think about Chad at all. And while people are mildly perplexed at this sudden engagement I am deeply concerned. Oh yes. Deeply.

I’m concerned because they met while writing/recording a song for her new album, and that’s troubling in itself. I try not to imagine what it will sound like and I must be frank, my hopes are not high after the travesty that was “Sk8er boi” (I mean really.). But I’m also concerned about what the world will think, Lavigne and Kroeger both being Canadian. As a Canadian I fear being any way associated with this odd couple and I admit, I’m a wee bit embarrassed. It’s like that one random family member at reunions that everybody is slightly uncomfortable around and nobody wants to own up to being related to them.

In the end, if Chad and Avril (Chavril?) are happy, that’s all the truly matters. After the Twitter rebuttals Nickelback launched earlier in the year, I can’t help but respect them, as much as I loathe their musical stylings. But mostly, as a Canadian, I would like to remind the rest of the world that we gave you Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. That counts for something right?

~ Julia

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