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I’ve been getting into British music as of late. As such, I would like to share some lovely tunes with you.

The Water – Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling

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Addicted: Songza (thanks Nicole!)

Do you  have a mobile device onto which you can download interesting apps? Chances are yes. And so, you should all, in a few moments time, probably thank Nicole too. Because Songza is just really fun. Continue reading

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Ryan Gosling Memes Might Just Be the Best Things Ever

I have just spent an incredible amount of time looking at memes on the internet. You’re welcome.

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Seriously undervalued: Patent leather flats

I always used to buy the cheapiest black flats from Zellers. They would only last a season, but that was ok with me because they were only $12. What’s the point in buying a pair of $40 flats from Spring when they too are only going to last a season? Bloody waste of money. Continue reading

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A Letter to the idiot who whistles in my music class

Dear irritating person who whistles in my music class,

It’s bad enough that I have to take the musical avant-garde and listen to the tuneless, dissonant, experimental music of pretentious people who think art isn’t good unless no one likes it (side note: mission accomplished, Stravinsky). I do not need you to whistle mindlessly throughout the class as well. At this point, I’d actually prefer to listen to John Cage. Continue reading

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Couple friends for hire

It’s a strange phenomenon that I’m sure you’ve all encountered. A friend, coworker, or acquaintance, acquires a new significant other of whom they are just super jazzed about. And that’s just great, we’re all really happy that they’ve discovered this fount of undying happiness in another person. Fabulous for them and all that.

But then this overly chipper individual approaches you and squeals with delight that you can now be COUPLE FRIENDS! ISN’T THAT SO FUN? Continue reading

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The Emmys were disappointing (re: not enough Cumberbatch)

Julia and I watched most of the Emmys last night. I won’t lie, largely so that we could see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Well, this is why I did it and I might have just strong-armed her into watching it with me. They were up for best lead actor and best supporting actor in a miniseries or movie. They did not win, but that was expected given that the Emmys are American and a large population of Americans don’t even know what a Cumberbatch is. Continue reading

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All kinds of PDA are just horrifying

Couples of the world, I implore you, put your tongues back inside YOUR OWN mouth when standing around at the bus loop.  I get it. You’re 14 and you’re excited that you have a tongue piercing and an incredibly average looking boyfriend. But please. Take that inside. Continue reading

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Just a wee bit of news, followed by a wee bit of apologizing, on my part.

Friends. You might have noticed that the reading this past week had been a bit lighter than usual. Some may have rejoiced,  but I hope that’s not the case for most of you. My wifi had completely abandoned me this week and without it, it was pretty near impossible to post to the blog. Lest I changed the format of the blog to one where I typed out letters on scrolls of parchment using a typewriter and then tied them to the legs of handy squirrels and sent said letters off to all of you (which would have been frightfully challenging for all of our UK and Aus readers), you would not be able to read the delightful musings of my mind. Continue reading

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