Overheard on the bus

Public transit provides a ridiculous cross-section of people. There are a few professionals, a handful of high school students, a smattering of old people, and a whole bunch of students. And then, scattered throughout that already incredibly diverse mix tend to be … sketchy people. That sounds really judgy, but the other day I sat beside a guy who told his friend, on the other side, all about how he drinks human blood, just because he likes the taste. He bit an ex-gf (though he doesn’t even remember her name – because “that’s just how many people” he’s dated – even though she punched square in the face post-biting. I think I would remember the name of a person who decked me one) and ever since has tried to only date women who will allow him to bite them and drink their blood.

That’s really weird right?

He also tried to make a blanket argument against all religions because “humans weren’t alive at the beginning of the world, so we can’t possibly prove the existence of a god” Which is true. Thanks captain obvious. But I’d like to point something out to you, that’s not really an argument against or for anything; you can’t disprove religion with that statement, moron. Believe whatever you want, I’m not saying you should believe in any religion if you don’t want. I am saying that you should stop touting your opinions like they’re something special when you’re actually just extremely dumb.

~ Julia

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