Increased contact does not equal decreased fear

This is a fact I learned the hard way after having been deluded by Fear Factor and the Maury Show alike. I know. With such reputable shows, how could I have possibly been misled? But I was. And I’m mad about it.

We’ve all seen images of people trapped in gigantic aquarium-like tanks with tarantulas swarming all over them and this is supposed to cure their arachnophobia. Same goes for that crazy girl on Maury who was afraid of toast (seriously, how does she live in the world) and who had eat a lot of toast to cure her of her (absolutely ridiculous) fear. Well that over-exposure thing just doesn’t work. It just doesn’t.

With the slightly cooler fall weather every spider in my city has decided to move into my apartment with me. To that I say GTFO. They’re not paying rent! I’m paying rent. They are unwelcome home invaders. I am wracked with panic every time I enter my bathroom because there are at least ten small spiders in there at any given point in time and one extremely large spider. Hilary and I have dubbed him Ralph, but you have to pronounce it “Rafe” like Ralph Fiennes does, that incredibly creepy actor who played Voldemort but essentially just always looks like he’s going to take you home, slice you up and eat you for tea. All of these spiders have not helped decrease my fear. OH NO. They  have done nothing but make it overwhelmingly stronger. I feel a bit faint just typing about arachnids.

Screw you terrible reality/daytime television. How dare you lie.

~ Julia

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One thought on “Increased contact does not equal decreased fear

  1. […] that I have mice living in my apartment with me. So you know, now there’s vermin along with deathly terrifying giant arachnids. I could hear the mice running in my ceiling, which is inconveniently very low over my bed and I […]

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