The Emmys were disappointing (re: not enough Cumberbatch)

Julia and I watched most of the Emmys last night. I won’t lie, largely so that we could see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Well, this is why I did it and I might have just strong-armed her into watching it with me. They were up for best lead actor and best supporting actor in a miniseries or movie. They did not win, but that was expected given that the Emmys are American and a large population of Americans don’t even know what a Cumberbatch is.

In addition to not winning in either category, the Emmys were also disappointing because both men were barely on screen ever at any point during the whole thing. Didn’t see them on the red carpet and only saw them in the audience for approximately a minute and a half (combined). What a waste of my time.

Above is a picture of the Emmys seating plan. Here’s my question: were they not even allowed to sit together? Seriously? They had to sit in a row, one behind another for the entire freaking show? Here’s another, I’d say equally as pertinent question: how come the picture of Martin Freeman is obviously some sort of head shot, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s is him as Sherlock? Does he not get his own identity? Or perhaps this is what the good people at the Emmys thinks he actually looks like all the time. It isn’t. You’d know this if you had only given him some screen time.

Here’s photographic evidence that they were in fact at the Emmys. Martin Freeman, apparently, is a hipster. Fantastic. I love him even more now.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

P.S. Also, please go to this link here where I got the above photo and look at the meme of Prince William. Tumblr is a hilarious, hilarious thing.

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