Addicted: Songza (thanks Nicole!)

Do you  have a mobile device onto which you can download interesting apps? Chances are yes. And so, you should all, in a few moments time, probably thank Nicole too. Because Songza is just really fun.

Songza is a music app and, really, a calendar all in one. When you open it, it will let you know what time of the day it is and have six appropriate categories of music, all ready to go. Example: “It’s Sunday afternoon. Play music for: relaxing at home, playing video games, etc.” Then when you choose one category, six playlists pop up. It’s fabulous. You can choose any type of music, and it will play all kinds of great finds. It introduced me to the Avett Brother’s new album. I think I rest my case.

~ Julia

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2 thoughts on “Addicted: Songza (thanks Nicole!)

  1. Can’t get it on my phone, but still, thank you. so much.

  2. Alison G says:

    Thanks for passing this along Julia, I’m downloading it as I type! Now that I have a smartphone FINALLY I’m always on the lookout for cool new apps 🙂

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