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Robots need love too

Mangan, with a couple of Robots that need love too. Check out the song below.

On Saturday Hil and I drove to London, On, to catch a Dan Mangan show. Even if you’ve never heard or Dan Mangan or think he’s not really your thing, I encourage you to check out one of his shows asap. For Canadians this should be super easy – he’s on a cross-Canada tour right now and he plays all these great small venues in all sorts of cities (and because they’re small venues, the shows are cheep. Really what have you got to lose?) We once saw him play in a big old stone church, which was actually probably one of my favourite concerts of all time. The acoustics were unreal – it was truly incredible. Continue reading

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An Instagram Update

It’s that time again! Time to pretend I’m a photographer and share my Instagram successes. Continue reading

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How many names does one girl need?

For those of you who have been deeply missing the excellent sardonic sass of Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet I regret to inform you that she is deep in the throws of midterms and presentations. Yes. Tragic, and I’m sure your hearts and prayers all go out to her in this difficult time. She’s also have some suspicious and sneaky computer problems which, to be frank, aren’t helping things. You’re just going to have to be patient, though I know it’s hard. Continue reading

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The magic of art and Harry Potter

I’m about half way through The Casual Vacancy right now. Rowling is a truly great writer, I will say that, but I’m finding there’s a bit of a Mansfield Park situation going on wherein I dislike pretty much all of the characters. They’re all such terrible people! It’s making me long for the magic of Harry Potter, so I thought I’d share these. I call it “Harr-apy” (things just got REAL nerdy REAL fast.) Continue reading

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The enigma that is Sia

Can anybody tell me what Sia’s deal is? She rather boggles my mind. Continue reading

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What we’re in love with this fall: TV update

Usually the Canadian Comedy network is the least funny network on tv,  but they’ve really turned things around this season! Continue reading

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Soup recipes!

For those of you who want to make amazing soup (as previously posted) you can get the recipes here! (Cathy, this post is for you! 😀 )

Mmmmmmm soup

Continue reading

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Boiled Cabbage, Vanessa Hudgens, and the Voice of God

Last night at dance, my friend Mike so very kindly told me that there is a video somewhere out there on the internet of a camel spider eating a whole lizard. This is not something I ever want to see. EVER. And I mean it, so don’t go posting this video on my facebook wall or hiding behind corners with your laptop at the ready to surprise/terrify me. Continue reading

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A step-by-step guide to starting your own enormously popular folk band

I welcome the Mumford & Sons craze because I think that it’s about time the world celebrated elbow patches, clever song writing, and good music. So you can hop on this bandwagon and cash in on their success, I’ve prepared step-by-step easy to follow instructions for starting your own folk band! Best of luck in your musical endeavors. Continue reading

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“What’s the deal with scooters?”

I just really feel the need to point out that someone found our blog by typing the words “what’s the deal with scooters?” into Google. On the other hand, I feel that this might be at least marginally better than “iron lung my life”, because I’m not even really sure what that’s supposed to mean. Continue reading

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