Well that was a unique experience. I was just at a concert for my music class. Have you ever seen someone scat and do an interpretative dance at the same time? Well I have. Let me tell you, it’s just as weird as it sounds.

It was a five-piece group, consisting of the vocalist/dancer, a trombonist, drummer, guitar player, and a stand-up bassist with truly astounding teeth. And the drummer looked like Stephen Fry. Nice.

I’m not even really sure what to tell you. It was kind of surreal experience. I watched the whole thing with the slight inability to believe that I was actually watching what I was watching. The music was random and sporadic, though the musicians were quite talented (I can admit that much). I’m not entirely sure that I enjoyed the performance, but there’s a chance that I didn’t dislike it either. I’m kind of on the fence. I’m really just uncertain what the heck I just witnessed.


~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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