Movie review: Pitch Perfect

As Hil mentioned, we saw Pitch Perfect on Tuesday and it rocked our worlds. I wish I could watch it a million more times forever until I die. I’m kind of obsessed.

The film was just generally really well done, and it was especially well-written. And while it’s obviously piggybacking on the immense popularity of Glee, it’s utterly different and better. There are no incredibly annoying fame hungry fools, no forced drama or ridiculously over the top story lines  and no angsty spontaneous singing. The jokes are genuinely funny, the characters are believable yet hilarious parodies, and the only time characters spontaneously burst into song, it’s sort of self-reflective – lots of sheepish smiles – and ends in a great joke at the expense of Fat Amy (or hopefully our new bff, Rebel Wilson. Lord I love her.)

The story focuses on Becca, an angsty college student played by Anna Kendrick who joins the all female a cappella group the Bellas on campus – somewhat against her will. The rest of the plot is semi-predictable; will the misfit Bellas beat their on campus rivals the Treble Makers? Will Becca and Jesse (the incredibly adorable and goofy love interest played by Skylar Astin) get together? Will Fat Amy be hilarious and steal the show? But despite the somewhat formulaic plot, the jokes are incredibly fresh, the singing is really good, and the characters just steal your heart. Even the one who “lights fires to feel joy.” Yes. Even her.

We would give Pitch Perfect a 9/10 and urge you all to go and see it. Now. It’s good for a laugh and for falling in love with these guys:

~ Julia

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