Living the dream (without becoming a mere skeleton on a sandy stretch of beach)

In university, when I had no idea what to do with myself for the rest of my life, I would say that I would graduate and be a poet living on a beach. This obviously didn’t come true or else I would, by now, be a skeleton on some sandy stretch somewhere – typically just living on a beach is illegal/dangerous and writing poetry doesn’t bring in enough money to purchase a small private island, surprisingly enough. But if you think of it in the most idyllic frame of mind, it seemed like a sweet gig.

Well poetry turned out to be a writing phase for me, and we’re all the better for it, and I’ve become increasingly paranoid about not getting skin cancer as I get older (and paler, I swear, I am getting paler with each and every passing year), so the whole beach thing 24/7 just isn’t going to work out. But it’s ok, really, because I’ve discovered an even better dream job.

Songza mixologist.

“Mixologist” – doesn’t it just sound great? It calls to mind amazing and incredibly complicated cocktails that taste like pure heaven and sugar and require an $80 bottle of chambord, but without the stress of having to carefully concoct your own simple sugar. Truth be told, when I mix cocktails I subscribe to the theory that simple sugar + tonic actually just = sprite and I go with that instead. So much easier. Much less potential for accidental kitchen fires. But when it comes to music, being a mixologist just sounds oh so incredibly cool. What do you do all day? Oh I mix music into perfect playlist recipes. Yeah. I think I could do that. No DJ skills or cocktail shakers required (mine leaks and is now just decoration) – just you, your iTunes, and a wealth of really wicked music to put together and share. Moods, tones, what colours the songs call to mind … seriously. I could do that job.

I have yet to inquire how much a mixologist would make. For some sneaky reason I think it’s in the “poet on the beach” range but a girl can always dream.

~ Julia

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