Soup hoarding

To me Martha Stewart will always be that kinda crazy housewife-esque woman who had to go to prison – oh Martha – but I admit the recipe section of her website is ballin. I became absolutely obsessed with the idea of making soup, for reasons completely unknown to anybody, especially me. I found two really lovely recipes on for a butternut squash bisque and a carrot curry soup. SO DELICIOUS.

They certainly required a significant time commitment. It takes a really long time to cube a four pound squash; I have the forearms of Popeye now. Each soup took at least an hour from start to finish, mostly because  of cooking time as neither were especially complicated or heavy on crazy ingredients. They’re just simple, incredibly delicious soups, and the time it took to cook them both was so worth it – even when I blended too-hot carrot soup and it exploded all over my walls. I was ok with it, because that’s how delicious this soup is.

The thing is, I can’t be representative of the primary demographic for Martha’s site – it has to be other housewifey types. But what I can’t understand is why you would spend an hour on a soup when you’re feeding it to five people. Yes I know I just ranted about how delicious they are, but I get to store all the leftovers in my freezer and these soups will last for a good while! If I were feeding this to my family, it’d be gone in a serving, and there’s two hours down the drain. It’s just not worth the time commitment when you have a hoard of kids.

The good news is that I don’t have a horde of kids, and instead I can be a soup hoarder, bringing out the butternut whenever my fancy strikes. If you cook for one, or maybe two or three, I’d recommend these recipes. If you’re the Duggars, don’t even think about it.

~ Julia

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