What we’re in love with this fall: TV update

Usually the Canadian Comedy network is the least funny network on tv,  but they’ve really turned things around this season!

First I’d like to introduce you to Men at Work, starring Danny Masterson of That 70s Show fame, and three other guys that are equally as funny and adorable and whom I’ve never heard or seen before. The four gentlemen all work together at a magazine in various capacities and get into ridiculous shenanigans. It’s truly really, really funny. I would highly recommend it for a good laugh. (US readers, this aired last May on PBS. Always ahead of the curve you are…)

Second, they’ve brought back Match Game. Now I’m not really sure why they’ve done this, because it seems like one of the most ridiculous game shows ever – seriously the concept is so simple there almost is no concept – but it’s actually very humorous. Two regular shmoes are asked a question like “Lucy is so desperate, her online dating profile says she’s looking for someone tall, dark and _______”. Then, six celebs/comedians write down an answer. If the regular shmoe’s answer matches with one of the panelists, they win money. Ridiculous right? It’s the most random thing ever. But the “celebs” are a lot of Video on Trial alums and so it’s actually really quite funny. Oh Canadian comedians, I love you.

~ Julia

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