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My Ears Are Bleeding

I’m busy studying for my first listening test today. I thought that you all would like to suffer along with me. Seriously, this is torturous.

I don’t know why Charles Ives has done this to me, but he has. Unfortunate.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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Songza: An Update

For those of you who exist in this society without a smartphone (you’re not alone, I feel your pain), I have discovered Songza online at So now you too can enjoy the wonder of a pre-made playlist for your every whim and event. I know, I know…I’m excited too.

Stay excellent and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, Canadian chums!

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet


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Adele and Daniel Craig … happy Friday!

The next installment in the Bond saga will be out in theaters in a few weeks, and the theme song, written and performed by Adele, has been leaked to the internet. It’s AWESOME. Continue reading

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How to wear your scarf addiction

Being the scarf addict that I am, I’m pretty excited about this video. My mum had emailed it to me and then my horrible hotmail got a horrible virus and I lost it. But Jess’s really talented friend Jenny (seriously, check out her photography here) shared it today and I fell in love all over again. Continue reading

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Well that was a unique experience. I was just at a concert for my music class. Have you ever seen someone scat and do an interpretative dance at the same time? Well I have. Let me tell you, it’s just as weird as it sounds. Continue reading

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Dear Julia Louis-Dreyfus, thanks for being AWESOME.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the first woman I have memory of seeing in the public eye being funny, like one of the guys, as just another character in the amazing cast that was Seinfeld. Oh sure Jerry and Elaine had dated, an event that could have served to explain away her presence, and placing her squarely second, or below, the male characters as simply Jerry’s ex-girlfriend. But that wasn’t really the part she played, in fact it was only part of it, and she was part of the group just as much as Kramer was. Or, considering Kramer, perhaps more so because he wasn’t really “all there” in the first place. And to be fair, for a full episode people thought Jerry and George were dating. Through Elaine, Louis-Dreyfus never had to cash on her sex appeal as a woman in order to be heard, get laughs, or have an interesting plot line. Continue reading

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Hollyoaks: An Update

The love triangle between Riley, Mitzeee, and Mercedes has been resolved. How? Oh, you know, Riley DIED. Got shot by accident in the middle of Hollyoaks Village. What a way to go.

On the plus side, he found out that Mercedes stabbed herself and framed Mitzeee. And also that she kidnapped her own baby. He got little Bobby back, not that it matters much considering that he’s DEAD.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet


I Don’t Think I’m Going to Make It Through This Semester

Lately, I find everything annoying. I know what you’re thinking, “lately, Hilary? Really? Just lately?” Well, short answer, no. I find a lot things really irritating a lot of the time, but I think my limited patience has begun to dwindle rapidly. Here is a list of people that annoy me a lot as of recently: Continue reading

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The Casual Vacancy: an update

Well. I’m approximately 50 pages in and let me tell you. So far it’s not that good. And honestly it’s not the absence of Hogwarts that I’m finding disappointing but the lack of Hogwarts-esque characters. In the Potter series Rowling crafted really engaging, likable, and relatable characters. Even though you hated the Malfoys, you could still relate to them. And even though Voldemort was awful he was still interesting. Continue reading

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I am decidedly unpithy today (yes, I did just make unpithy a word; Shakespeare did it, why can’t I?)

I’ll just leave you with your thoughts.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet


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