Thoughts on Movember

Remember how last week was supposed to be concert week? Well the day after I posted that I succumbed to the worst cold I’ve ever had in my entire life and spent the entirety of last week in a feverish haze, lying on my parents’ couch, wearing my dad’s maroon bathrobe. I’ve since managed to claw my way out of death’s grip to return to the land of the living, but the week is long over, so you’ll just have to content your self with the fact that I’ve been to a great many concerts, many of them were awesome, and perhaps some other time I’ll tell you about them.

On to the subject at hand.

It’s the beginning of November and if you were listening veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery carefully on the 1st, I’m sure you would have heard the collective groan from wives and girlfriends world-wide as their partners abandoned the razor in honour of Movember and their own dreams of growing a mustache. I have two things to say about this. Well two-and-a-half really.

1. If you’re growing a mustache only for the month of November you might as well go here, register your mustache, and collect money. I mean it’s not going to hurt, in fact it’s going to help. It’s actually sort of the whole point. If you don’t collect money, you’re a schlep.

1b. If you’re growing a mustache just to have a mustache because you think mustaches are either whimsical, hilarious, mysterious, outrageous, good fun, ironic, iconic, and/or classic, then by all means feel free to grow your mustache without collecting any money. Just keep it, ok? Because if there’s one thing we like here at Sarcasm Soapbox, it’s a good mustache.

2. Women, women, women. Stop your bellyaching. I’ve seen so many tweets already that appear to suggest that a mustache is the very worst thing that could happen to the face of any man, and that, simply is not true.


Tom Selleck. The definition of dreamy.

I rest my case. Happy November folks!

~ Julia

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