Food Complaints: Gelato and Kiwis

I am currently at home, attempting to eat a little individual gelato that Julia left at our house during the (really) long time she was sick. I say attempting to eat it because I haven’t actually begun yet. There is, as it turns out, such a thing as too frozen. My freezer apparently feels the need to keep its contents at subarctic temperatures. My gelato has the density of granite at this point. I probably won’t be able to eat it for hours.

Actually, this all reminds me of a kiwi I was trying to eat the other day. I thought it was ripe because it was bit squishy on the outside. But it was definitely not squishy on the inside. I bent my spoon.

On a kiwi related note, I once saw someone in one of my classes eating a kiwi like people eat apples. Who eats the skin of a kiwi? That’s like chewing on the outside of a warthog. Or so I imagine.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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