I Finally Have a Life Goal

I finally have a life goal! It is, of course, almost completely impossible to achieve, but at least I have one now (seriously, I have been drifting listlessly and without ambition for quite some time now ie. 21 years). I have decided that I would very much like to be a guest panelist on QI. What can I offer to the show, you ask. Well…probably not a hell of a lot. I suppose I’m relatively intelligent and several people have told me that I’m funny (excluding Dr. Squirrel-Hands, may he rot in hell for the rest of eternity). And, I may be tooting my own horn here a bit, but I think some aspects of my life/personality could be potentially called “quite interesting” (you know, by kind, generous people). I mean, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone else with my extreme level of cynicism and incredible ability to strongly dislike a large majority of people. And dolphins.

Why do I want to be on QI? If we’re being honest, to meet David Mitchell. But I also think Stephen Fry is delightfully wonderful and Alan Davies just seems like a really nice person. It’s perhaps a ridiculous goal to have, but it’s a goal nonetheless.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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