Dear Photograph, I’ll be home for Christmas

We experienced our first real snowfall in my city this past weekend. It had snowed here a couple times before, but this time a dusting of snow stayed on the ground, and it’s been lightly snowing ever since. It’s still not tobogganing snow, but it’s the most Christmas-like weather we’ve seen yet, so it was pretty exciting. I bought Michael Bublé’s Christmas album in celebration, and listened to it steadily this past weekend.

I also discovered the website and while I think you should both check out Bublé’s album, and check out this website, I encourage you not to do both at the same time. dearphotograph is a site where people can send in recreations of their favourite photographs. Users travel to the site of their favourite photograph and take a picture of themselves holding the photograph so that it blends in to the current day background. It’s a really cool concept, and the photos are really beautiful and nostalgic, usually celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed away. I started perusing the site just as Bublé started singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and I fairly lost my grip and dissolved into tears. I had to then cheer myself up with a little Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and some Christmas shopping.

I realize that this might not have been the most convincing/recommending blog post.

A really cool example of the photos found on Click on the photo to be redirected to the site, and read the photographers description. This is also one of the lesser depressing ones. You’re welcome.

~ Julia

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