Anitique + Vintage = Vintique

I’ve discovered another really awesome photo editing app, that nearly rivals my love of Instagram. Vintique costs $0.99 and is a rather good replacement for Picnik, a former photo editing website where you could apply filters and add text to your photos for a scrapbook-like quality. It’s since closed, and has become part of The Google+ team as “Creative Kit” but is it just me or is Google+ like REALLY confusing? It’s probably just me.

In any case, where Instagram is mostly designed to mimic Polaroids (and thus is completely awesome) Vintique has quite a few more filters, cropping options, frames, and text adding abilities, with the purpose of making your photos look really old school. You can also manipulate filters and add text to make your photos look all scrapbook like, à la Picnik as well. I of course bought the app, and am pretty sure that I’m not just a pro photographer now, I am an expert photographer. You can share your Vintique photos, via the app, on Facebook, Twitter, and even to your Instagram feed. Pretty neat!


For scrapbook-like photos, complete with frames.


The beautiful Red Brick Cafe becomes a vintage slide.


This sort of dodgy photo now looks like it came from a newspaper from 1940


This was originally a selfie designed to show the adorable Joe Fresh dress I was wearing for my work Christmas dinner. Needless to say, bit of a fail, can barely see the dress. But now I look like a silent film star, or something out of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Spooky.

~ Julia

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