Never Has a Song Title Been So Apt

I saw the music video for Victoria Duffield’s song “They Don’t Know About Us” on television this morning and was left somewhat confused.

The song and video features Cody Simpson, a young artist well known among pre-teens. As far as I can tell, that’s about as exciting as things get. Victoria Duffield seems to be singing about paparazzi attention and media interference in her life, though I don’t know why she bothered. I Googled her after seeing the music video and all I found was a Wikipedia page and some YouTube videos for her songs. Upon further reflection, I think perhaps the title “They Don’t Know About Us” is incredibly apt. I mean, pretty much anyone can have a Wikipedia page. The president of my university has a Wikipedia page, in which they discuss how he used to teach without shoes on.

I just think that perhaps Victoria is jumping the gun a bit here. Is it really necessary/a good idea to write a song about how the media is bothering you before the media actually starts bothering you? Won’t that just incite the media to bother you? Besides which, I think it’s safe to assume that we won’t actually be seeing much of Victoria in the media. She hasn’t really done anything interesting/exciting. As it is, her music video for this song makes it look like she’s having some sort of torrid, secret love affair with Cody Simpson, but I really don’t think that’s the case.

So really, no, Victoria, I don’t know about you and it’s likely to stay that way.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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