I think, that somehow, if we all pull together, we can survive the holidays.

It’s the holiday season which means chocolate, more chocolate, sugar covered chocolate, and cookies. Galore! It also means articles in every women’s magazine telling you how not to gain weight over the holidays. Don’t eat anything beige. Consume vodka soda not candy cane martinis. Wear a formfitting dress so you don’t feel like eating.

This is crap.

I read in Allure recently that, on average, women gain one pound over the holidays. ONE POUND. For the love of lanta, eat a bloody sugar cookie, you can afford to gain a measly pound!

This is what the holidays are about! Celebrating with your friends, and enjoying yourself. I think that most women are reasonable creatures, and that printing these articles are a complete waste of paper. We’re not all going to eat until we puke because you didn’t give us the calorie count of a martini. Believe it or not, some women know the concept of moderation. I will eat my turkey and gravy, and yes, shock and horror, the heavy starch and carbs of mashed potatoes and stuffing will be consumed as well. I know. I’m not sure how I live with myself. I’ll enjoy a glass of white, and I’ll eat a few shortbread cookies. I will gain my requisite one pound. And I’ll be having a lot more fun than the unfortunate girl in the body con dress avoiding all “beige” foods. (What does that even leave? Vegetables and fruit. I’m fairly certain that’s it.)

The fact is you’re not living out some bacchanalian revelry if you indulge in nacho dip, a peppermint latte, or a Christmas cocktail. I think, that somehow, if we all pull together, we can survive the holidays.

~ Julia

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