Holiday highlights

I have to say, I’m pretty darn proud of how successfully awesome my holidays were. They were quiet, nothing too extravagant, and nothing too over the top. And, as it always seems to be, my favourite moments weren’t extravagant either. To be fair that turkey dinner was excellent. But so was that little inauspicious cheese platter. Gosh I love cheese.

Here are my holiday highlights:

1. I bought an iPod Classic with some Christmas money. My iPhone is dependable, simple, and generally a decent piece of technology, but it only affords me 13 GBs for music, and that’s just disappointing. The iPod Classic has 160 GBs for music. HOLY PETE. I can’t wait to put those other four Black Keys albums in my music library now that I finally have room for their full discography.

2. I got two pairs of truly lovely woolen socks from Roots. I don’t know what it is about Roots (they’re magic?) but their wool products don’t make me want to kill myself. I put on a sweater in the Gap and it’s like wrapping my torso in hateful poison. Yet I can wear these snugly socks and feel nothing but pure bliss. You think I’m overselling these socks, but I assure you, I’m definitely not.

Heavenly socks.

Heavenly socks. Also, I’m a terrible photographer. You’re welcome.

3. Hilary and I had a completely accidental Community marathon. If you don’t watch Community you better start right now because Lord it’s hilarious! It’s a sitcom about a community college and a study group made up of disparate misfits. The most ridiculous, hilarious shenanigans ensue. It’s all very dark and sarcastic, and generally wonderful. Hil and I sat down to watch a few episodes the other day and watched the entirety of season 3. It was AWESOME.

4. I believe in Sherlock Holmes. I’m slowly making my way through the BBC Sherlock miniseries. It’s only going slowly because I know that I won’t be able to watch the next season in Canada until 2014 and I’m try to fight my urge to watch all the episodes back to back, and am trying to savour it instead. The episodes are hella long so I used some of my time off to sit like a lump on my parents couch, eating pomegranates, and watched a couple episodes. They’re so addictive.

5. I wore one sweater dress from Joe for about 4 days in a row. It’s bright red and made of sweatshirt material – in fact it looks like a long sweatshirt that I put with black tights and the aforementioned Roots socks. I’m sadly back at work and back to wearing a new outfit each day, and man do I miss that sweater dress.

6. My mum crochet me a massive blanket in white, soft moss green, and watermelon red. It’s beautiful, and fits a double bed. Do you know how long that must have taken?? Never before have I realized just how committed my mum is to my happiness. She is a gem.

7. I bought The Kopecky Family Band‘s first album Kids Raising Kids. It’s so incredibly good. I’ve been listening to it on repeat on my new iPod.

I got other lovely things and spent lots of time with lovely relatives too. I drank a lot, I ate a lot, I slept a lot, and it was glorious. Hope you all had truly lovely time off with friends and family!

~ Julia

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