Vacation Daze (I refuse to believe that Kim Kardashian is going to be a mother.)

It becomes incredibly tricky to blog when on holidays because you no longer really exist in society, you sort of exist in your own bubble of friends, pie, and family. I really haven’t done much of anything noteworthy since I bought my iPod Classic and you already know how much I love it, because I’ve being going to loads of events with friends and family. And while I had lots of fun at the house party on Friday, you probably don’t care about it, do you. I haven’t been watching movies, I haven’t been watching tv, I’ve been listening to Kopecky Family Band on repeat, and reading loads of novels. I can’t even blog about how Kim Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with Kanye West’s baby because every time I think about it my head nearly implodes, and I become quite certain that the Mayans SHOULD have been right, and the world SHOULD have ended on December 21, 2012, because I just don’t think I, or the rest of the world, can handle Kim Kardashian as a mother. Gnnnnnnhhhh I think I need a drink.

So, what have I been up to that I could possibly share?

I watched Drive Me Crazy, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier online the other night. That was whimsical.

I’m thinking I’d like to die my hair a few shades darker and a few shades redder.

I’ve been reading All Men are Liars which has a very exciting and provocative title, but is essentially four separate streams of consciousness – so a bit like Mrs. Dalloway, but less charming, with more voices, and harder to sort out which account is the true one. Hence the title.

And I’ve been trying to avoid thinking of what Kim Kardashian will be like as a mother. (I’ve grown quite certain that Kate Middleton’s baby will have to shine like a beacon to the world, as the sort of anti-Kardashian-West baby, as a symbol of all things good and holy, restoring the entire planet’s faith in humanity, in the face of the Kardashian-West baby.)

~ Julia

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