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Memes Galore

My friend Jenna has recently begun sending me various memes and photos that she finds on pinterest via facebook and it seriously makes my day. As such, I will now share some of them with you.

Snape Meme Continue reading

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“Hilary Thinks Voice Over Guys Are Hilarious”

Every time I see a Pretty Little Liars promo on Much Music I laugh a little. Before I get hoards of angry comments from fans of the show, let me assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with Pretty Little Liars. It looks intense and seems to be full of very pretty people, and really, what’s better than that? No, what gets me is the voice over guy. Have a listen. Continue reading

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A good thing when you have it

Sometimes I think we can all have a bit of trouble recognizing a good thing when we have it. We think “oh sure, it’s good now, but wouldn’t it be great if I … saw him ALL DAY LONG?, ate AAAAAALL the Skittles?, lived in a huge mansion with every single one of my best friends?” And the answer is always, always no. Sure, he’s lovely, but boys need their privacy too. Skittles are downright delicious, but if you eat too many you will get sick. And while a huge mansion sounds just grand, you can’t live with every single one of your best friends because some of them are married, some of them are completely OCD, and some of them don’t even know how to load a dishwasher (for shame!). Sometimes we just have to see something good, and call it, and walk away. Continue reading

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What to do when your entire week feels like Thursday

We all have those weeks. Those weeks where every single day feels like Thursday and after lunch you breathe a sigh of relief, thinking, “thank lanta tomorrow is Friday…” only to realize with a horrible jolt that it’s Monday and tomorrow is only Tuesday. Continue reading

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I Am Even Irritated by Sneezing

I have absolutely given up on my New Year’s resolution by this point. I am so incredibly cynical and bitter that I bemoaned someone who sneezed in my art history class this afternoon. Continue reading

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Big Foot, Baby, or Shrimp?

It’s always weird when someone shows you a picture of their sonogram. I was actually talking about this exact topic on Saturday at my cousin’s bridal shower. That’s not to say that I don’t want people to show me their sonograms. I will obviously be very excited for you in this special time of your life, unless I don’t know you and you’re just a random stranger on the street showing me a picture of your unborn child. In that case, I will still be excited for you, but also greatly confused as to why you’re telling me about your fetus. Continue reading

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My serious, life-changing, pants revelation

Remember how I claimed that I would never wear pants again, because I had found incredibly adorable hounds-tooth shorts, and they didn’t have to come in extra-long, because I could just wear tights. Tights are the tall girl’s solution to pants. Continue reading

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“I can’t be tortured like this!”: A post brought to you by The Bachelor

The show gets ultra steamy this week with Sean being shot in the opening scene in his boxer briefs. There were some questionable upwards camera angles. Continue reading

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Greetings from Korea!

Hey there, fellow Sarcasm Soapbox fans!

An-nyeong-ha-sey-o! Greetings from Korea. I have been living in Korea for the past month teaching English and just living the dream. Much like relationships, I find culture shock seems to go in phases. Right now I am still in the honeymoon phase, where everything is bright, shiny and new. All those faults seem adorable, and all I really notice are the good things about this place. That being said there are some rather strange things here, like sweet potato cake. Yes, it is just as weird as it sounds. Continue reading

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Yet Another Guest Blogger: Introducing Elise!

Remember our good friend Elise? Of course you do. She’s the one I’m always amazed people don’t know because I think she should be famous. And now she can be!

Elise has been off in South Korea for a month or so now, teaching English, and yoloing (her words, not ours, but undoubtedly very apt). Elise has written us a charming account of South Korea’s most excellent inventions and products, which I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy. Did you know scented toilet paper was a thing?

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