I Am The Solution to Canadian Television (Possibly)

It has come to my attention that CBC doesn’t air enough/any shows for teens. That’s not to say that the occasional fourteen-year-old doesn’t enjoy Corner Gas or devour every episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. I often watched The Red Green Show at an early age, though it was usually with my father, who is similarly fond of fixing things with duct tape. I mean really, who isn’t?

The point is that CBC obviously needs someone to fill this void for them. And that person is me. Which is why I am going to write a television show. I need something to do after I graduate anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll get dental insurance.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

P.S. I have clearly forgotten to mention Degrassi here. Yes, it’s a Canadian television show dedicated to the demographic of teens. I respect it deeply. It covers a lot of very important topics that relate to a lot of kids. But my show will add variety to the mix. And it won’t, at any point, feature anyone named Snake. 

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