The origins of the duck face revealed

It’s time, again, to solve yet another prevalent, yet utterly trivial mystery. Just like I cracked the code on why Benedict Cumberbatch is so unusual looking (yet he grows more and more handsome with each and every episode of Sherlock) I have solved the mystery behind the origin of the duck face.

Not only is this face plastered on every girl (usually when she herself is plastered), it’s cropping up on celebrities, like Jessica Simpson’s bikini pregnancy photo. With the exception of Miss Simpson who is undoubtedly sober, most of us put this face on when drinking, and it’s a totally subconscious reaction to being around so very many camera phones. I’d like to argue that most duck faced expressions aren’t done strictly on purpose because most rational women realize that it’s not all that an attractive expression, to be frank.

There are the exceptions to this rule of course: the tween- and teen-aged girls who duck face it up on all their Instagram photos, ladies who do it ironically (I hope), and the truly vapid who perhaps are laboring under the false pretense that it’s sexy. It’s not.

Why is this a subconscious reaction? Why does it continue to be employed in the majorities of selfies and gpoys? I argue that the duck face is like a pandemic, and once you’ve come in contact with it, it’s in your system forever, resting in your subconscious mind, ready to come out three whisky-crans later. Or maybe it’s a simple act of mimicry, a bit like Uggs, where women all over the world got attached to a ridiculous trend, and have yet to let it go.

Only one thing is certain. It started with these woman:

DF2If Google Images is to be believed, The Olsen twins grew out of their teens and randomly stopped smiling with their teeth. Nobody knows why. And while Ashley (on the left) looks rather ridiculous in this picture, Mary-Kate, on the right, is employing a rather duck faced smile.

DF3Even after grappling with anorexia and then becoming practically a hobo, the little duck-like smile persisted.

DF1She continues to employ it, even now, as a successful fashion designer.

She looks adorable, but I think that’s genetics, and that really, when it gets right down to it, the duck faced smile looks ridiculous. Perhaps not as ridiculous as the blue steel gaze Ashley’s employing in the above photo, but silly nonetheless. What’s so wrong with your teeth Olsen twins? You’re billionaires. I’m going to guess nothing.

~ Julia

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