It’s like trying to eat a clementine covered in macramé

As it would turn out, our awesome dad, Lord Charlesington, isn’t the only one with extreme fruit opinions. I’ve got a few myself. Now I don’t know if having unreasonable opinions about fruit is genetic… I’m thinking it’s probably not. The only thing I really remember from the genetics unit in grade 11 biology is that Mendel spent quite a bit of time with beans, and that you don’t want to get Sickle Cell Anemia. Perhaps my dad’s zany ways have just rubbed off on me, but I’ve got some major beef with citrus fruits.

I love oranges and grapefruits as much as the next girl (well likely more than the next girl when it comes to grapefruit, unless the next girl is 90 years old. I have distinctly elderly taste in fruit) but I hate the pith. Pith is the white membrane that covers the fruit underneath the skin. Lord I hate it! Many people have asked me why, seeing as it has absolutely no flavour, but it’s the texture people! It’s like trying to eat a clementine covered in macramé. And clementines are the worst, because while extremely delicious, they’re also extremely tiny, so I spend 10 good minutes de-fluffing it of it’s pith only to eat it in 15 seconds.

Look at my life. Look at my choices.

~ Julia

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2 thoughts on “It’s like trying to eat a clementine covered in macramé

  1. Jill says:

    I’m the same way. It is a major problem in social citrus situations.

  2. Pith rhymes with Sith which means it can’t be a good thing. Just sayin’

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