How and Why Strangers Irritate Me: The Whisperers Are Back

I regret to inform you that the class whisperers have returned. Last week, a couple of girls sitting in front of me during one of my classes had a whispered conversation for the ENTIRE CLASS. That’s eighty minutes that I had to listen to these people. And of course I listened, because it’s almost too hard not to. I mean, at one point, we were watching a video clip and the one girl started talking louder so that she could be heard over the movie, which is both ridiculous and infuriating.

I am now going to share the contents of their entire conversation with you all because if they’re going to talk throughout my entire class, I assume that what they really want is for strangers to share their personal information and experiences with vast numbers of people over the internet. Anyway, they talked primarily about their hair. FOR EIGHTY MINUTES.

The worst part is that one of them is in all of my other classes so I can’t even ask her to stop without it being incredibly awkward and undoubtedly bitter for the rest of the semester. And she’s not even the one that talks all the time. I’ve actually begun waiting to see where they sit in class and then sitting on the opposite side of the room as them. Extreme.

I’ve noticed that this problem only really seems to occur with women. So, men, let me tell you right now how greatly I appreciate your ability to remain silent during lecture.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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2 thoughts on “How and Why Strangers Irritate Me: The Whisperers Are Back

  1. Peter says:

    Men Sleep through lectures that’s why they are silent.

  2. wendy says:

    Well that clears that up then.

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