Kids Are Hilarious

Last night at dance, I was teaching my prim 1 ballet class, which consists of six five and four year olds. The kids have pretend eggs when we’re at the barre so that they don’t stomp (because that would crush their eggs, etc. You get the idea). Anyway, one of the girls told me that she had a baby rainbow in her egg. And that it was squishy. The same girl once told me that unicorns aren’t quiet because sometimes they’re like “hey!”.

One of the girls in my next hip hop class told me that she ate cows for about the first three weeks of dance. And I taught a kid at dance camp who, while eating chocolate pudding, came into the office, stuck her stomach out, and said “chocolate pudding makes me fat!”

I think the most hilarious thing I’ve witnessed a child do was also during dance camp when one of the girls had a complete and utter meltdown in hip hop class because she wanted to watch Cinderella II, that well-known Disney classic. I’m talking face down on the floor, just wailing. And this is the same girl who accidentally put her underwear on inside-out, which caused a fervent panic among the rest of her class.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet


One thought on “Kids Are Hilarious

  1. Peter says:

    This one time at Dance Camp… wait. not the same ring…

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