“This nose has no nostril!”

YouTube is a strange and scary place. You can get sucked into all kinds of weird things, like that time I accidentally watched half an hour of cat videos looking up cheesy Christmas songs.

In any case, it was during one of these strange journeys in YouTube that I found the delightful video I’m about to share with you all. It happened while I was trying to find suitable music for my little hip hop class. I figured Disney channel pop stars and Nickelodeon stars was the place to start. While searching this, I came upon something hilarious. Apparently, some of the cast members from the Nickelodeon show Victorious have their own YouTube channel, on which they upload a multitude of inane and ridiculous videos of themselves doing inane and ridiculous things. They have a running feature called “Angry Matt”. This is one of those videos.

Some of my favourite lines include “I’ve got Magic School Bus Hair! I look like Miss Frizzel!” as well as “I’ve got one tooth! Is this what you guys think of me?” But my all time favourite has to be “This nose has no nostril! I’ve got two!”

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

P.S. “Noooo! My weak spot! My groin!”

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