“YOLO” is not a strong business plan

Today, the Globe and Mail published this hilarious list of “buzzwords” to be avoided in the business world:

“Journalist Michael Sebastian reports that the 10 most useless buzzwords, according to PR Daily readers, are: game changer, at the end of the day, solution, YOLO (“you only live once”), epic, low-hanging fruit, really, value-add, impactful and utilize.”

I’d have to agree on most accounts, I mean bringing up “YOLO” in a business meeting does not hint at strong strategic foresight. Neither does “epic” for that matter. I’ve never once, in my two illustrious years as a working professional, heard anybody say “low-hanging fruit” and to be perfectly honest I’m not even quite sure what it would even mean. It sounds a bit rude. Best to avoid. “Impactful” is not a real word, is “value-add” a verb or a noun?, “game changer” most definitely makes you sound like a contest on the Bachelor, and “at the end of the day” is the business speak equivalent of “literally.” Literally, like, at the end of the day, you know? I do think that you can continue to use “really” and “solution” because those are real words used in real life society. And if you don’t have solutions you have nothing but problems, like low-hanging fruit. You should see a medical professional about that.

~ Julia

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