Greetings from Korea!

Hey there, fellow Sarcasm Soapbox fans!

An-nyeong-ha-sey-o! Greetings from Korea. I have been living in Korea for the past month teaching English and just living the dream. Much like relationships, I find culture shock seems to go in phases. Right now I am still in the honeymoon phase, where everything is bright, shiny and new. All those faults seem adorable, and all I really notice are the good things about this place. That being said there are some rather strange things here, like sweet potato cake. Yes, it is just as weird as it sounds.

I thought I would like to take the time to share with you my favourite Korean discoveries.

1. Ondol (Heated floors)

All of the heating here in Korea is done through the floor! There is nothing more glorious than waking up on a cold winter morning to warm floors all around, or hopping out of a warm shower and walking across your warm floors. Also, I have discovered that sleeping on the floor is absolutely delightful. I have slept more on the floor than I probably should, but how could you not when the floor is heated?

2. Restaurant table call-buttons

At your restaurant table there is always a doorbell. When you ring it, you get immediate service. How do we not have this in North America? Such a simple concept, and produces incredible service.

3. Korean Elevators

This sounds so strange but I am absolutely charmed by Korean elevators. How many times have you pressed the wrong floor on an elevator or walked into an elevator and all of the buttons have been pressed as some sort of sick joke? Well, when in Korea, have no fear! If you press a button twice you can unselect it. Simple, yet brilliant, no?

There are so many more discoveries I could share with you like scented toilet paper, the concept of ‘service’, and also private karaoke bars! But I guess those will just have to wait for another day. I am off to YOLO hard in the land of the Koreans!

Hope you have enjoyed and get on those call buttons and elevators. I expect there to be big changes in North America when I return!

~ Elise

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