What to do when your entire week feels like Thursday

We all have those weeks. Those weeks where every single day feels like Thursday and after lunch you breathe a sigh of relief, thinking, “thank lanta tomorrow is Friday…” only to realize with a horrible jolt that it’s Monday and tomorrow is only Tuesday.

Today, it was 13 degrees and raining, which is disgustingly hot for Southern Ontario in January, and at the bus stop my bangs decided to flip in a most outrageous way that made me look like I belonged in a boy-band. When telling a friend that I looked like the long lost member of One Direction, she first agreed, and then reassured me, “at least tomorrow’s Friday.” NOPE!

The truth is, by Thursday we’ve completely written off the entire work week. So to help you get through all those days that feel like Thursday that sadly, TRULY sadly, are not, here’s a comprehensive list.

1. Live the Skittle Dream.

Hilary once dreamed a dream and it was putting every different type of Skittle in a container and eating them all. It’s a sort of delightful Skittle grab bag. The deliciousness will get you through the day, and as it turns out sugar is a GREAT replacement for caffeine.

2. Make an “office jams” playlist.

May we suggest:

3. Read Sarcasm Soapbox on your lunch break because you can always count on us to be bitter with you. 

4. And finally, cozy up to the horrible, sniveling, disgustingly, flu-ridden, sick person in the elevator.

Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe in that virus, and take the next few days off. You’ll be vomiting but you’ll be able to watch Pride and Prejudice on repeat.

~ Julia

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2 thoughts on “What to do when your entire week feels like Thursday

  1. Noelleish says:

    I love the Arkelles. 🙂

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