A good thing when you have it

Sometimes I think we can all have a bit of trouble recognizing a good thing when we have it. We think “oh sure, it’s good now, but wouldn’t it be great if I … saw him ALL DAY LONG?, ate AAAAAALL the Skittles?, lived in a huge mansion with every single one of my best friends?” And the answer is always, always no. Sure, he’s lovely, but boys need their privacy too. Skittles are downright delicious, but if you eat too many you will get sick. And while a huge mansion sounds just grand, you can’t live with every single one of your best friends because some of them are married, some of them are completely OCD, and some of them don’t even know how to load a dishwasher (for shame!). Sometimes we just have to see something good, and call it, and walk away.

Take Matthew MacFadyen (yes please! *wink wink). He’s a great Mr. Darcy, a wonderful Darcy! A scrumptious Mr. Darcy. And it’s because he’s so incredibly serious the whole time. He’s refined, he’s polite, he has class, and he’s so, so, so serious. All of these things come together perfectly to make him look haughty and proud, and he’s a killer Darcy, because you can then imagine how Elizabeth will tease him (essentially) into loving her. Fabulous.

And so you think, gosh I love Matthew MacFadyen, and you watch Ripper Street and MI-5, both really, really good television shows from the BBC (bless the BBC), and he’s really, really serious in those too, and then it hits you. Matthew MacFadyen must just be a really, really serious bloke. He must be incredibly boring in real life. And then in a sort of small insignificant way he’s ruined a bit for you. It’s a shame really; he’s so adorable.

It’s the same with relationships forged over the internet. In a total Catfish way, sometimes the person you think you know turns out to be immensely better than the person they really are. Because sometimes they’re completely fake. But this is true on a less extreme level as well. Hil and I have an adorable Twitter follower whom we never met, who lives in a completely different country, but who likes a lot of the same TV that we do. So occasionally, we retweet the one another when the other has come up with something especially hilarious and/or adorable to say. She seems like the most precious person, so optimistic and enthusiastic. But we will never, ever meet, mostly because it would be SO strange for two grown women to track down a high school senior in a completely different country, but also because I don’t want to know the real her. I want to know the Twitter her that gets abnormally excited and chipper over Starbucks and puppies. It would be a real shame to meet her in real life and realize that she’s jaded and bitter like we are. I actually like this girl’s positivity – a rare thing when most positive people irk me – and I’d like to keep it that way. This Twitter relationship is a good thing. I’m calling it.

~ Julia

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