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Ever since watching the musical number-infused 2013 Oscars, I’ve been listening to a lot of show tunes and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Continue reading

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Brussels sprouts are just misunderstood

last night I had brussels sprouts for the first time in my whole life. How old are you, you ask? Why, I’ll be 25 in May. Yes, that’s right, it’s taken me a quarter of a century to try brussels sprouts. It’s probably because brussels sprouts are the most villainous vegetable in the world if children’s books, tv, and movies are to be believed, but it’s more likely because my mum just doesn’t like them. In our house, our mum cooked, and if she didn’t like it, we didn’t eat it. We never had fish, and the first time I had asparagus was at a friend’s house and I was 16. I LOVE asparagus. The funny thing about trying a food later in life is that no matter how delicious it always sort of calls to mind some other flavour that you can never quite put your finger on. I think this is why I think mangoes taste like carrots. This, and because they’re gross. Continue reading

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1 fake Irish accent + 1 Oscar nominated actress = Leap Year (?)

On the weekend Hil and I sat down and watched approximately an hour of Leap Year. There was just absolutely nothing else on. It was in the middle of the movie, but Leap Year was one of those romantic comedies that had one of the most horrible trailers ever that gave away the entire film in the span of 30 seconds. Rather than leave you guessing, or at least intrigued about the plot, the trailer gave a good amount of back story, and most of the actual story, in only half a minute. Admittedly, Hilary and I mocked it rather mercilessly, because after watching the trailer there was absolutely no reason to watch the movie. The plot was so obvious. And kind of silly. Continue reading

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Paula Abdul: The Mullet of the Music World

I was talking about music from the late ’80s and early ’90s the other day and Paula Abdul came up. Sometimes I forget that Paula Abdul used to have a music career before she was, you know, nuts, but I suppose that’s technically how she got the job on American Idol. In case you too had forgotten about Paula Abdul’s singing career, here’s a little refresher:

Continue reading

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Goats are just the best

I had absolutely no idea what to blog about today, until my friend Becky shared this video on Facebook. Becky is the best. This video is the best. Goats are the best.

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Give Me ALL the Music!

I have been listening to nothing but The Jungle Giants all day. I guess it’s a good thing that I bought two new CDs today! Yes, children, that’s right. I said CD. People still buy those, okay? Not a lot of people, granted…At least I’m not buying  8-tracks. Continue reading

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The fine line between bitterness and sarcasm

There’s a bit of a fine line between bitterness and sarcasm, but how you choose to express yourself can really define you. Continue reading

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NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE A METAPHOR!: A post brought to you by The Bachelor

It’s down to the final three and the overnight dates. We start the show with a montage showing the highlights of all three relationships as Sean does a voiceover. It’s entirely unnecessary because we all saw this stuff like just last week, but I also think that it would SUCK to watch this back after you’ve won the show. Sean talks about all the things that make each relationship special and different and I can’t help but feel like watching my fiancé talk about how lovely his ex-girlfriends are on national television would make me want to vomit myself to death. Continue reading

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The Good News About Loud Breathers

Today in my History of Literary Production class, I ended up sitting next to the loud breather again. Honestly, it has reached the point that it’s not even annoying any longer, just ridiculous and funny. He breathes so loudly! I don’t understand how he sounds like he’s asleep all the time. He’s not even breathing through his mouth. It truly is remarkable. I’m actually kind of concerned for his respiratory health. Continue reading

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Sarcasm Soapbox at The Oscars

We didn’t score actual invites to the 85th Academy Awards (though it’s only a matter of time, right?) but we did sit through all the random categories (like sound editing) to once again bring you our comprehensive and sarcastic commentary. We’re terribly selfless. You’re welcome. We also invented a whole bunch of our own categories once again. So let’s get right down to it! Continue reading

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