A Blog About Blogging

This is my first ever blog post.

The concept of blogging is fascinating to me for a couple of reasons. First, it assumes either a) you have something important to say or b) someone is willing to listen (or read anyways) what you have to say. If neither of these things are true then you’re just another yahoo spouting off. I suspect (unfortunately) this will be the one of the yahoo cases. Second, there is a certain amount of self-confidence/ vanity that is required to be a blogger. Again, if you have nothing important to say or anyone willing to listen, you’re really putting yourself out there. You’re really putting yourself out there even if you do!

As stated, this is my first ever blog post. YOLO, right? I do send out the odd Tweet (I’m sure my 29 followers are thrilled when I do), but that’s about the extent of my social networking reach. I had bugged the regular authors of this blog (aka my wise ass sisters) to let me write a post (I write hilarious birthday emails at work. Somehow that seemed like it would translate to blog posting. I am beginning to doubt that hypothesis) and when they agreed to let me, I realized I had no idea what to write about. There are zillions of blogs out there on every topic. The internet has become the new library; everyone knows that. Blogs to me are like the special interest sections. Sports, fashion, fashion bashing, music, cooking, fitness, babies, weddings, private lives of honest, hardworking celebrities (ROFL!): you name it, there is a blog post on it. But again, I refer you to the above conundrum of having nothing interesting to say. What makes what I have to say interesting?

My sisters have the ability to write about normal situations, spin their sarcastic worldview into it, and boom, something worth reading (note: not important, but worth reading. Boom! Duck Soup!). I am not sure I have that ability. I’m not sarcastic as much as I am openly bitter sometimes. Bitter Soapbox sounds odd.

So for this time, you get a blog about blogging. See what I’ve done here though? I’ve managed to stretch this whole thing out without even saying anything of substance. I learned that skill very early on in university. For next time I shall try to think of something more interesting to say. I suspect it will be one of two things: “In Defence of ROFL” or “I’m into Swedish House Mafia? How Did That Happen?” This of course assumes there is a next time. Highly unlikely.

~ CT

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One thought on “A Blog About Blogging

  1. […] Oh my goodness, what? One of us is posting on Friday for the first time in ages? Yup. But hold on, folks, it might not be that terribly exciting. I think it is, but I guess if we start questioning things like this, we start questioning the whole premise of blogging, and our brother already did that. […]

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