Further proof sarcasm is genetic: introducing another guest blogger, our brother Cam

Bitterness and sarcasm are two things that our older brother Cam knows a lot about, by being on the receiving end of ours, but really, who are we kidding, MOSTLY being the sarcasm master. He is our Yoda. He’s known for cracking outrageous pirate jokes (almost every speech at his wedding started “so a pirate walks into a bar…” #tothskiwedding) and for being a general smart-ass.

So in that vein he has written an extremely meta blog about blogging, and tackles the truly important questions of our day: what makes a blog worth reading anyways?

Please enjoy!

P.S. We look forward to bringing Cam back so he can talk about ROFL-ing and Swedish House Mafia. Perhaps together, perhaps not. Hopefully, at that time, the illusive meaning of “duck soup” will also be explained, but it seems unlikely.

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