A little bit of DIY: Creating a gallery wall

I’ve kind of fallen in love with the idea of a gallery wall. The problem is I rent a basement apartment, so my ceilings are incredibly low (not giving me a whole lot of wall space to work with) and I don’t want to put all kinds of holes in the wall. Framed black and white photos look so stunning; unfortunately it’s just not doable in my current space. But then I saw this photo on abeautifulmess.com  where they kind of riff on the idea of a gallery wall with some framed photos and some homemade, eclectic pieces.

6a00d8358081ff69e2017c3619c082970b-800wiSo, I’ve made a start on my own little gallery wall. When I move, I’ll grow it like the one in the photo above and include some framed photos. For now, this is it:

20130206-065539.jpgI had wanted a black and white theme, and I particularly wanted a mix of script and sketches. But buying these sorts of things can get expensive, and really hard to track down exactly what you have in mind. I for one wanted a little bit of Sherlock, a dash of Harry Potter, and some of Jane Austen’s surprising sarcasm. So I just straight up made my own.

20130206-065554.jpgI sketched maple keys and sparrows based off photos I found online. The bonus? I can kinda draw! Who knew! (I mean yes, I struggle greatly with proportion, but I’m still kinda stoked.)

20130206-065603.jpgIf you’re not artistically inclined I still encourage you to get sketching, you could surprise yourself like I did. But if all you’ve got are stick figures, and stick figures just aren’t the look you were going for, check out Etsy or Society6. They’ve got all sorts of gorgeous prints, yours for the ordering.

20130206-065625.jpgOn to the next DIY project … stay tuned!

~ Julia

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