Happy Valentine’s Day: Try to Avoid Terrible Women

This week’s episode of The Bachelor has really got me thinking. Here’s a little tip to all those future would-be Bachelors or just regular men/people out there, looking for the right woman to settle down with: don’t get stuck with an Eyebrow (re: Tierra).

Now, clearly that much seems obvious. Who would date someone that wretched on purpose? It would clearly be by accident. But here’s how you avoid making this accidental mistake: stay away from women who say things like “I just don’t have a lot of girl friends” or “for some reason, other women just don’t like me”. These are unacceptable things to say. How could all the women in the world just not like you for unclear reasons? There’s obviously a reason and it’s because you’re awful.

When women say that they have trouble getting along with other women, that should be a giant, red warning sign. And it’s got the words “RUN” in flashing lights. When someone says things like this, what they are essentially telling you is that they are incapable of getting along with 50% of the world’s population “for some reason”. How is that even a thing? How can it be possible for someone not to get along with a single person of an entire gender?  I mean, even if that was true and this specific woman was 100% completely unable to bond with any other woman in the whole world, the problem obviously lies with them. If there is not a single woman in the world that you can seem to befriend, there is something wrong with you. Because those other billions of people are the clear majority.

Basically, saying things like “I can’t get along with other women” is both a cop out and an excuse for someone to continue to be nasty and awful. It is possible for all women to be friends with other women because there are literally billions of women in the world for you to choose from. Surely, out of roughly 3 486 869 216.5 people, a person is able to find one single individual female human being to befriend. And if they are not, then they must, to be quite frank, be horrible.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day: Try to Avoid Terrible Women

  1. katie says:

    http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20673583,00.html – thought you’d enjoy this!

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