Sean Tells All!: This was the most disappointing television I’ve seen in a long time (and I got addicted to Cougar Town)

First let me say, Sean, that this tell-all better be damn good because I’m missing the Mindy Project for this. (Though I will fully watch it online tomorrow, I am 100% committed to Mindy Kaling. I love her.)

My first thoughts is that perhaps Chris Harrison and his skinny tie wanted a bit more screen time. And really, who can blame him? He’s the sassiest of TV hosts. I am also 100% committed to Chris Harrison.

First money question: Chris asks why Sean sent Desirée home.

The answer? Sean knew absolutely he could have spent the rest of his life with Catherine. With Des, he thought maybe. So he sent her home. Well, that makes sense. (This show is not nearly as dramatic as I thought it would be. I might have to add in some dragons, parallel universes, and dancing cats to this post to make it more interesting. GOSH SEAN.)

Second money question: If Des’s brother hadn’t ruined the evening, would it have changed things?

Sean replies that he would like to say no, that he would stay solid in his decision, but tbh, he didn’t really want that guy as a brother-in-law. Who can blame him, he was awful. But, he conceded that there were areas in his relationship with Des that were lacking. At the end of the day she just wasn’t the best suited for him.

Then Chris and Sean talk for a really long time about Sarah. Which is lovely, because she was our favourite, but entirely unnecessary. We kind of got it the first time. I’m beginning to question the entire point of this show. In fact, we sort of feel like this whole show could be summed up as posing the question “why did you send her home?” with the answer “there were just so many other choices.”

Oh goody! We’re now talking about Tierra. Hopefully things finally get interesting. Sean says that when he watches this show back, he feels like such a fool, and that he was duped. He says that Tierra should never have come on the show because she’s a woman who can’t get along with her peers, and that she was picking fights with the sweetest girls in the house. UM YEAH. I’m so glad he could watch this back and realize that she’s… well… awful. Chris says that the fights with Tierra would last for hours; there was so much drama they couldn’t even air it all. Dodged a bullet eh Sean?

(And yet, that whole conversation was disappointingly boring as well.)

Then we see a humour reel of unseen footage, mostly involving Catherine being funny and adorable. Yup, I hope she wins. And folks, that’s all. How disappointing.

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